QR Code Stickers

Getting people to read your details is one thing, but getting them to note them down and use them to contact you is a different challenge.

QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) tie in with smartphones, making it simple for someone to point their phone at your sticker and instantly have your full contact information right there ready to use.

How it Works

A QR Code with a phone camera Phone showing contact details scanned from QR Code

We create unique, ready to use stickers for you, either in external grade vinyl for vehicles and shop windows, or in stationery grade labels for documents, compliment slips other such uses.

Your potential customer reads your code using their smartphone (support is built in to Windows Phone™ models, Android™ and Apple™ users will need to have a freely available QR reader app installed). When they read your code they will get a full contact card with your details, which they can conveniently add to their address book.

What's more, because all of the data is included within the QR Code, the person does not need to have any phone signal or data connection to read your details.

Select Your QR Package

External Grade

(Laminated gloss stickers for vans, cars, shop fronts etc.)
100mm x 100mm QR Stickers

100mm x 100mm Sticker

x4£24.99 Buy Now
x8£39.99 Buy Now
x16£55.99 Buy Now
200mm x 200mm QR Stickers

200mm x 200mm Sticker

x2£24.99 Buy Now
x4£39.99 Buy Now
x8£55.99 Buy Now

Stationery Grade

(Satin finish labels for letter heads, back of business cards etc.)
35mm x 35mm QR Labels

35mm x 35mm Label

x35£8.99 Buy Now
x70£14.99 Buy Now
x140£24.99 Buy Now
45mm x 45mm QR Labels

45mm x 45mm Label

x20£8.99 Buy Now
x40£14.99 Buy Now
x80£24.99 Buy Now

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4x (100mm x 100mm) External grade stickers £24.99